We Haven't Gone! . . . We've knocked off for smoko - And we'll be back later on

The year is 1945

The occasion is a Fundraiser to provide some comforts for ‘Our Boys Over There’

There's never a dull moment with 'Miss Roundtree'
(the Sally-Army Lady) keeping her ever watchful eye on
'Dotty’ (the Land Army girl) and ‘Nurse Nelly’. . 

and of course Legendary Troop Entertainers 'Dudley Dangerfield' and 'Trixie Lovejoy' are back
bigger and better than ever to take you for a nostalgic stroll down 'Memory Lane' - 


We have blackouts, Air raid wardens, bomb shelters, ration cards, dancing, sing-a-longs
plenty of banter and a host of wartime memories. . . . .


This really is a show you will not want to miss.  




Crispy Bread Rolls


 Roast of the day (usually Beef) alternating with Poultry of the day (usually Roast Chicken)
Served with home made gravy and vegetables in season


 Bread & Butter Custard alternating with Apple Crumble & whipped Cream


Self serve Tea or Coffee


We are happy to cater for Gluten Free, Vegetarian or other special dietary needs

(Our Chef requires at least 4 days notice for this service)


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