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We Haven't Gone! . . . We've knocked off for smoko - And we'll be back later on


About ten years ago Gazza & Trish teamed up with Ange Newton
at the Hermitage Hotel in Harrow for the first production of

'You Must Remember This'

Very early on Gazza and Trish invited Catriona Hill to join the crew
Cat accepted in a flash and the core cast was set.

After a very successful eighteen months or so, Ange sold the pub
and Gazza & Trish moved the show to Casterton with a new name

'For Our Boys'


For about 8 years the shows were Proudly Presented


'Gazza & Trish Williams'

Denise Edwards'  Albion Hotel

Henty Street, Casterton. Victoria  3311




Eight years, eight shows and over a hundred performances later we've 'Knocked Off For Smoko'


(We'll be back later on)


Produced by:   Gazza & Trish Williams

Directed by:   Consensus (Guided Democracy)

Written by:   Gazza Williams & Catriona Hill
Choreography by:   Catriona Hill

Costumes by:   Trish Williams


Performed by:  Gazza - Trish - Cat - Kate - Kathy - Stu - Darren - Kevin
and occasionally: . . . Shane - Talia - Judy - Sarah - Richard





We Knocked Their Sox Off!

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